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Stuck in San Francisco April 23, 2010

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I flew out to San Francisco for the Chirp conference a week and a half ago. I was supposed to be there for six days, but a volcano happened and I’m still in the states. I will be for a few days yet. I’m in LA now, bleurgh. LA might just be the ugliest city in the entire world. Yuck yuck yuck.

It was my first visit to San Francisco and I totally fell in love with it. I want to live there one day. It’s so beautiful, like a little toy town filled with crazy homeless people. Because of the time I needed to kill I really got into the history and sightseeing, SF has such a wonderful past of restlessness, revolution and uprisings. It really is one of those cities where people fought for what they wanted and ditched the rules. In my time there I managed to:

  • Get sunburnt in Dolores Park
  • Walk through a rainforest in the Academy Of Sciences (the most amazing museum in the world)
  • Drink green tea in the Japanese Tea Gardens in Golden Gate Park
  • Eat soft shell crab sushi under the Peace Pagoda in Japantown
  • Go round a traditional fortune cookie factory in Chinatown
  • Visit the Modern Art Museum
  • Visit the Cartoon Art Museum
  • Ride a tram without falling off
  • Walk the Beat Tour and visit the weird museum
  • Went to Chirp
  • Went to F8
  • Spend the day with Robert Scoble; watched him interview the first ever iPad DJ (
  • Go cycling through Napa vineyards
  • Spend lots of time in bars, talking to locals and volcanoes
  • Drunk tea in the cafe where The Godfather was written

I think that’s about it, but pretty impressive huh? It’s been kind of a lonely week, but I can’t complain about an extra week’s holiday in such an incredible city.



Beck’s Music Mixer August 20, 2008

Apologies for posting two pieces of Dare work in one week, but this post is one I’ve been looking forward to writing for a few months now.

We’ve been building something called the Beck’s Music Mixer – it’s a brilliant DJ mixer tool that allows you mess about with the bass, vocals, rhythm and whatnot in loads of cool tracks. It’s got tracks from Moby, Does It Offend You Yeah, Midnight Juggernauts, Roisin Murphy and Axwell. Hurrah. I LOVE IT. Go and play with it. You’ll love it too I hope.