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Yummy Efron yumminess April 15, 2009

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The hottest man in the world, projected on a 20 ft screen? Yes please. Missing Zac Efron’s 17 Again was simply never going to happen.

He looked incredible. I’m beginning to think he might be the sexiest man that ever lived. The film itself is kinda lame, even by teen romcom standards. Matthew Perry has a rubbish life, some magic happens and he becomes the 17 yr old Zac Efron with a chance to fix things. Efron’s character veers widly between self-righteous, moralistic cock muncher at school and super sexy, mum-fucking smooth machine when at home. The plot also contains the Basketball vs Life decision making angst, think we’ve seen Efron do that somewhere before…

They showed a trailer for the new Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus film, I’m going to have to see that.