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Ed Loves Helen March 8, 2011

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Eek. I’ve been rather rubbish at keeping this up to date. Too much work and too much play! It’s nearly the middle of March, so there’s rather a lot to report on, 2011 has treated me well already.

The perks of my job usually include free stationery and the occasional night out with the Barclaycard clients. Last month it actually got a bit glamorous when I was invited down to the Chalet Girl world premiere, thanks to the lovely folk at Clean & Clear. It’s got Ed Westwick in it, so I could hardly say no. Unfortunately the night didn’t end with him dragging me into a limo and inviting me back to his hotel room, but I did get to stand near him and then have my photo taken with the hottie himself (I’m ever professional).

He’s a lot shorted in real life than I imagined, though I date a rather tiny man, so that’s not a problem. He’d definitely mastered the pouty sex bomb look, every photo had the same expression, I’m not sure he knows how to smile.

Chalet Girl was a cute film, it’s about a young girl from the wrong side of town who blags a job at a chalet. She falls in love with the chalet owner (Ed W) but is out of his league. She wins the pro snowboarding competition, gets a lot of money and then he likes her. OK, I’ve over simplified it a bit, but that’s basically the jist of it. Loads of people came out the cinema saying they wanted to go skiing again, after my exploits last time I certainly wasn’t one of those people. I’ll spare the ski instructors another grumpy sweary uncoordinated pupil.

Anyway, here’s a nice, out of focus picture of the Clean & Clear clients, me and Ed Westwick. Oh yes.