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Twisted Elegance December 13, 2010

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We had our Dare Christas party last week, I think I’m still recovering! It was such a good evening, probably the best yet. With a Twisted Elegance theme we all came dressed up in Victoria Freak Show get ups, I rented a wonderful dress that I definitely don’t want to give back tomorrow. I might cry when I do.

Dare hired out a miraculous photo booth that made everyone look beautiful, I want one at home. Lil Luke & I took a super cute load of photos. Love love love the two on the right. My boyfriend is fit.



Far East Movement December 7, 2010

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Oh my god. I love this. Gonna play it on loop all day. What the fuck is a G6 though??? I’m guessing they don’t mean the group of countries that get together to sort out politics stuff?