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Enter The Void November 1, 2010

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I finally managed to see Enter The Void last week, after missing the first few screenings that Curzon did. I’m not sure I chose the best day to see it, it’s very much a visual assualt and I was massively hungover.

Enter The Void is Gasper Noe’s lastest film, after last year’s Irreversible. It’s supposed to be a “pscyhedelic melodrama”, telling the story of a junkie in Tokyo. Of course, Tokyo looks fucking mad enough, but Noe has made the whole thing into one big trip. Tonnes of neon strobes, everything is either shot from the first person or slightly above their heads and lots of horrific noises. It’s not a fun film. We had to endure five minutes of white strobing every half hour or so, lots of WinAmp style 3D shapes while people got high and even sex from the vagina’s point of view (think giant jap’s eye continually jabbing at the screen). The close up on the aborted foetus was a real low.

Technically, it’s incredible. I’ve no idea how they did half the shots, and I certainly admire his boldness with the subject areas but after an hour I was ready to leave, hoping that every black screen would be the end. It loses it’s narrative strength after that first hour, turning into something that was just annoying. The film clocks in at a mighty two and half hours, for something that is so brutal it’s a big ask of people to endure it.



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