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Return of the mac October 6, 2010

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Yes yes yes! I got my new Percival mac yesterday, it’s so very beautiful. I have a very talented boyfriend, I feel ever so smug when I put it on, thinking of how his little Mexican hands and brain made it.

The wax itself feels amazing, it’s all oily and soft. I wore it on the scooter this morning in the pouring rain, it kept me so very dry and lovely. Alas, the same couldn’t be said of my jeans and shoes. Got so utterly soaked.

The lining I’ve got on my mac is slightly different to the one in the pic, but I prefer it, it’s a smaller check on a white background. Less gingham/plaid, more checked. I’m sure there’s an official fashion word for it, but I certainly don’t know it.

I think the retail site for Percival goes live this week, everyone should go and buy something. Please.



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