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The view from here October 14, 2010

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When I have children I hope I can build things like this with them. It’s just wonderful. Simply an iPhone, an HD camera, a weather balloon, a parachute and whole lot of wow.



Doctor Who Live October 12, 2010

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Because I’m really bloody cool I went to see Doctor Who Live on Friday.  Yeah, ok, maybe it’s not very cool but it was INCREDIBLE. It’s basically a panto version of Doctor Who, if you don’t take it any more seriously than that you can properly enjoy it. Obviously they can’t have the real Doctor acting every night so they’ve constructed this evil circus master who has captured loads of famous Doctor Who aliens and we’re all the audience in his travelling freak show. Each alien gets wheeled out on stage in turn and we all gasp and scream as they run through the audience.

Of course, not everything goes to plan and the Doctor has to get involved (via some v dodgy pre-recorded clips that they screen); there is a bigger evil here, someone is letting the aliens out of their cages. Who could it be? Yes! The Daleks! With lots of pyrotechnics and cheap props the Daleks are defeated.

It’s a fun show, with a live orchestra and choir. I think they’ve used all the original outfits, so all the creatures look just like the do on the show. The Ood were a definite highlight.

Actually, I lie. The highlight was sitting about five seats away from Matt Smith!!! I’d blagged amazing seats from work, we were right above the stage with shit loads of celebs. Even Donna was there! Alas, no David Tennant. Though that might be a good thing, as I probably would have been ejected from the arena after too much dry humping.



Quack quack quack

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When the hell will I ever be rich? This wonderful duck jumper from Topshop is just £65 and I still can’t bloody afford it. Maybe I should buy it anyway and just wait for the bankruptcy letter. At least I’d look cute and ducky when the letter arrives. Slightly put off that it’s mostly synthetic, I wonder if I can take advantage of Luke’s nan’s good nature and get her to make me one? No. That’s evil. Or is it???



Waddle October 8, 2010

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Awwww! I want all my drinks to be packaged like this!



Return of the mac October 6, 2010

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Yes yes yes! I got my new Percival mac yesterday, it’s so very beautiful. I have a very talented boyfriend, I feel ever so smug when I put it on, thinking of how his little Mexican hands and brain made it.

The wax itself feels amazing, it’s all oily and soft. I wore it on the scooter this morning in the pouring rain, it kept me so very dry and lovely. Alas, the same couldn’t be said of my jeans and shoes. Got so utterly soaked.

The lining I’ve got on my mac is slightly different to the one in the pic, but I prefer it, it’s a smaller check on a white background. Less gingham/plaid, more checked. I’m sure there’s an official fashion word for it, but I certainly don’t know it.

I think the retail site for Percival goes live this week, everyone should go and buy something. Please.



Lace in your face londonnnnnn

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Total swoon. I love this. Utterly stunning, it’s everything that I want in a dress: slightly gothy, pretty, a little bit slutty…

It’s by Collette Dinnigan, from her new SS11 collection that debuted at Paris fashion week. I wonder how much it is. Though there’s little point in wondering, at the moment anything more than a fiver will completely bankrupt me.