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Looking coy for Coyne August 31, 2010

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Wow. Flaming Lips are going to play all of Soft Bulletin at Ally Pally next year. Tickets go on sale on Friday. I’m seriously tempted. They’re still in my top five favourite bands to see live, so much fun. It’s a guaranteed grin fest. I love it. It might have something to do with how unbeliveably fit Wayne Coyne is. He’d definitely get it. He’s the perfect husband guy, he would look hot just drinking wine while sat on the sofa, with a fire roaring next to him. Maybe he’d have a cat sat on his lap too. Occasionally he’d sing you a little song about the rainbow coloured hippos he believes live at the bottom of our garden. Some days you’d come home from work and he’d set up a pool band in the dining room. He’d be lovely.



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