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MTV brilliantness August 2, 2010

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Last week was the I Worked At MTV in the 00s party, the name makes it bloody obvious what it was really: a reunion for all us kids that worked there in the last ten years. Soooo much fun!!!! The night was originally planned for about 20 or 30 people, but soon enough there were 325 people signed up to attend on the Facebook page. I reckon a couple of hundred people turned up and swamped a tiny beer garden in Camden. Incredible. It was so wonderful seeing everyone, even though I was only there for 18 months it did feel like a proper reunion. They really are the loveliest bunch of people you could ever want to work with. It’s great being somewhere were everyone shares that same passion for music. They all know everything there is to know about the last ten years of pop music, I love it. Everyone was wandering round with a big grin on their face, such a wicked evening.

It was proper organised too, with wristbands, a photo booth and a few of the staff DJing. Brilliant.



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