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Queen Helenium makes her debut July 6, 2010

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Last week we celebrated Dare’s 10th birthday with a fucking huge party. It was immense. Staff everywhere! A dead posh affair, so it was time to crack open the crown. It’s a tricky thing to wear – you can’t really wear it to dinner or when you plan to dance the night away, so the Dare party seemed the best place for its debut.

Oh my god, I love it so much. I think I nearly took a few eyes out when leaning in for cheek kisses, but it was so much fun to wear.

Totally love Luke for treating me to it, I’m planning my next opportunity to wear it. Maybe I’ll wear it everyday and become known as the crazy old queen lady.

How frigging cute does the lad look? Massively gay, but oh so sweet.



One Response to “Queen Helenium makes her debut”

  1. Talia Says:


    Wear it only when buying sausage rolls at Greggs.

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