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Five minutes away from being pregnant July 30, 2010

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Oh my fucking god. I hope I’m ovulating right now. My long term love and obsession, Camille at Le Tour De Force, does a range for children!!!! I’m dragging Luke back to mine right now. No wait, that’s a five minute walk. I’m dragging him to the stationary cupboard.

Wow wow wow.



Getting rich July 29, 2010

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I think I might become a full time gambler. Is that a good idea? I’m pretty damn brilliant at it, I figure it must be pretty easy to make millions on it. Has anyone ever done that? I can’t think of any rich gamblers, plenty of drunk ones on my way to work of a morning though.




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I’m having a think about buying a scooter at the moment. It won’t be for a while yet, but I’m massively tempted. I love zipping round town on Luke’s, it’s so much fun and soooooo much quicker than the tube. If I get one it’s gonna have to be this bad boy. It’s a one off, built in the 1930s, so I might have to save up a bit first…



Pizza girl July 27, 2010

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Wooh! Yesterday was my 27th birthday, jeez I’m old. It was such a good day, Luke & I headed down to Windsor for a bit of middle class exploring. Turned out the races were on so we got ourselves some cheap tix and gambled our lives away. I rock at gambling. After 7 bets and 3 rounds of drinks I finished £14 in profit! Yes!

Got fairly drunk and fell asleep on the train back. I’m so classy… pizza on my lap.

Photos and stories from the big celebrations over the weekend to follow.



McFly are FIT July 23, 2010

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Next month’s edition of Attitude. Comes out on Tuesday, I’m taking the day off work for it.



I’m in love July 8, 2010

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I think I’ve found my winter boots. Aren’t they wonderful????? I used to have a pair of DMs almost exactly like this when I was about 11, I lived in them (after a few initial weeks of absolute hell breaking them in). Oh fuck, I think I’m going to have to get them. Never mind the fact it’s mid-summer and I’m sweating in plimsolls. Love them.



Life in a bubble

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Another one to add to the wish list. A silver bubble blowing necklace!!! Totally love it, I wonder if it actually blows bubbles. I’d be disappointed if it didn’t. It’s £200, can someone buy it for me please?