Big Yellow Tutu

Big decisions June 30, 2010

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Harry, Dougie or Danny. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to choose. It’s like trying to choose between Flip reverse It and Here 4 One. Impossible. Harry’s manly but maybe a bit posh, Danny’s a sexy bit of northern rough and Dougie is the cutest, tatted little thing ever but he just looks a bit young. Hmmm… maybe that’s half the fun. McFly are brilliant on Twitter, though their constant updates about the new album make me impatient. They posted a couple of HOT photos today… Oh, who am I kidding? Of course it’s Dougie.



Kingston and Bieber June 22, 2010

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Summer tune!!!! Weirder that Justin Bieber seems to look younger with each video.



We all live in a big cup of tea, big cup of tea… June 10, 2010

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I don’t like the Beatles. I’ll never say they’re crap, they’re obviously not, but there’s just something too twee about them for me. Weird maybe, as I listen to so much Justin Bieber.

Anyway, this yellow submarine tea brewer is definitely more my kind of thing than any Beatles album. I don’t own any loose tea or a glass mugs, but still, it’s very sweet.

via World’s Best Ever and available from Monkey Business.



More JLS June 9, 2010

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I’m going through a huge JLS phase at the moment. Re-discovering their first album, it’s actually fucking amazing. Can someone buy me this necklace please? Ta.

Update: on checking through the site I found the do Justin Bieber and The Saturdays too!!!! This charm bracelet is wonderful!!!! I might just have to get it.



1950s tube posters

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Some wonderful 1950s posters have been found in Notting Hill tube station, they’re seriously cute. I love that fisherman one.



Dreams of being a princess June 8, 2010

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Oh, lovely Princess Diana dress… I’m about £49,995 short of being able to buy you. That black taffeta “cleavage” gown is going to auction, with a price estimate of £50,000. It’s sooooo beautiful. It’s really easy to imagine dancing all night in something like that.



Lego printer June 2, 2010

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My life could have been very different. I got into uni to study Robotics and Spanish (I think it might have been Exeter), if it wasn’t for them dropping the Spanish option and me ending up at the shiteous London Met, I could have been making things like this every single day. I’d have been so happy.

A lego printer that uses a felt tip. Wonderful.