Big Yellow Tutu

Gobble March 31, 2010

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Paedophilia and death, not usually a great combo but this chat roulette clip is ace.



Hello Narnia March 22, 2010

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I bought a new coat. Pretty fucking amazing isn’t it?

It’s from Dolly Dare in Shoreditch. Gonna be great for the summer.



Museum of Small Things March 9, 2010

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I felt very much at home in Selfridges new installation…



Freddie yum yum March 8, 2010

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I know he’s 12, but seriously, Freddie from Skins… mmm…



Blue suede shoes

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I didn’t realise, but the lovely guys at Folk have started doing ladies’ footwear. Most of it has a very utilitarian hippy vibe, a look I can’t do very well – I just end up looking like a Lands End catalogue menopausal mum. Not hot.

They do have one pair of super super cute bright blue flats that I’m desperate for though.

Aren’t they just wonderful? Swoon!!!!!!

Now if they could just start doing ladies clothes as well I’d be a happy little lady, their stripey tops and chunky knitwear would keep me smiling for a very long time.



Tardigrades March 4, 2010

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This week I’ve been boring everybody with tales of tardigrades, tiny little microscopic animals with eight legs. They’re about a millimeter long! Awww! Some people call them water bears or moss piglets, and you see why – they’re so bloody cute!

Tardigrades are pretty impressive; they can survive pretty much anything. They can cope with temperatures of -273°C, close to absolute zero and temperatures as high as 151 °C (303 °F); they can survive more than a thousand times more radiation than a human, a decade without water and… drum roll please… they can survive in the vacuum of space!!! They can live in space!!! These tiny little bears!!!! I’d like one as a pet for my birthday please.