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Saaaaaaatchi February 18, 2010

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On Tuesday a lecture took place in London which didn’t harp on about social media for three hours. It did it in just a few words.

“Social media is a totally integrated function in what used to be just the advertising function.”

Thank fuck for that. Nothing more than those dozen or so words. I’ll die if I hear the words Value Through Conversation again.

The lecture was Maurice Saatchi for NABS. It was brilliant. My god, he’s clever. I tried to write notes, but couldn’t note take fast enough to capture all the amazing things he said. The subject of the lecture was Belief: what should advertisers believe in?

He broke it down into three areas: Revolution, Simplicity and Language. He really honed in on simplicity, talking about how it destroys or validates an idea; and how we should to use the only possible words in the only possible order. He did a lot of comparisons to Jesus, which for those in the audience hoping to find career validation either humbled them to the point of self destruction and disappointment or built their egos up very nicely indeed. I guess the point he was making was that we needed to keep our belief high and our standards even higher. Or something like that. Erm… oh who knows. We all just came away that thinking if we worked hard enough, maybe we’ll be clever too one day. And a Lord.

Here’s a really bad picture of the lecture.



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