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These boots were made for eating (in) February 15, 2010

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Awww… what a wonderful, chilled out Valentine’s weekend. The Fashion Boy and I went to the ever scrumptious Great Queen Street for dinner, where we ate our weight in cow. It’s one of those dishes where they serve steak already cut up, placed on a big plate in between you two and you fight for the best bits. I’m sure there’s a proper culinary name for it. I’ll stick with Steak Au Plate for now. Great Queen Street is such a great restaurant, dark, homely and bouncey.

Though we started with good intentions for a walk in the countryside and trip to the cinema, Sunday ended up being fry up, two Adam Sandler films and a curry in front of the tv. Oh, the romance. It was lovely actually, can’t beat Sunday sofa cuddles. Click is a bloody terrible film though, avoid avoid avoid.

And in other exciting news, I bought these little booties last week. Cutest things in the world.

So there, diary esque blog entry done. More to follow. Maybe.



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