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Percival February 12, 2010

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My boyfriend is fucking brilliant. He’s launched a menswear label with Chris Gove, it’s called Percival and it’s bloody beautiful stuff. It’s all playful, classic items – tweed blazers, cardigans and even breeches. I think the wax macs are my favourites though, they’re sooooo wonderful. They’ve made a film with the aces Alex Turvey to launch the label; we filmed it with three super hottie male models and Daisy Lowe a few weeks ago. It was so effing cold! We were blessed with a super sunny day, so the lighting looks wonderful.

The label launched at a party at The Book Club last night, so I’m feeling soooooo hungover this morning. I need to hunt down a burrito.

So… with a massive trumpet fanfare, the loudest drum roll in the world and a massive grin on my face, here is the Percival AW10 collection.



2 Responses to “Percival”

  1. Tin Says:

    Good stuff… music is great, and I like the look of those boots… not white though, sadly 😦

  2. wow that is such a fab idea .. loved it

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