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Digital wooh February 22, 2010

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We went along to V&A to see Decode at the weekend; Luke got in first with a blog post about it, but he uses text speak so he’s best ignored. Though that’s not going to stop me from stealing his photos. Ahem.

The exhibition is all about digital art, a split between interpreting boring data to create pictures and super fun interactive installations.

The first section was kinda dull, looking at whizzy code in Flash that pretty much just made things that looked like WinAmp skins. I’m sure it’s clever, but I found it pretty soul less.

The best stuff was the interactive work; despite it being half term I was definitely the biggest kid in there. There was a dandelion that would shed it’s fluffy things when you pointed an infrared hairdryer at it, a big paint splatter wall, a screen that would rain on your shadow, a mirror machine that reflected your shadows by whirring cylinders about, a pool of cells that would grow when you uncovered them from the sand, a big video wall… so much fun to jump about in front of.

The exhibition is well worth a visit, it made me wish we did more in-store fun stuff. I think I’m going to have to take our Sony clients along for a visit before it closes.



FASR wonderfulness

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Hello world. I need 732 of your Euros please.

These are all from Fifth Avenue Shoe Repair.  Oh golly, they’re so wonderful.

I pretty much want everything they do actually, so maybe it’s best just to make it a million euros.




Take it, take it… February 19, 2010

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Song of the day. She’s so insanely hot, the video is soooooooooooooooooooooooooo good and it’s such a tune. Perfection everywhere.



Saaaaaaatchi February 18, 2010

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On Tuesday a lecture took place in London which didn’t harp on about social media for three hours. It did it in just a few words.

“Social media is a totally integrated function in what used to be just the advertising function.”

Thank fuck for that. Nothing more than those dozen or so words. I’ll die if I hear the words Value Through Conversation again.

The lecture was Maurice Saatchi for NABS. It was brilliant. My god, he’s clever. I tried to write notes, but couldn’t note take fast enough to capture all the amazing things he said. The subject of the lecture was Belief: what should advertisers believe in?

He broke it down into three areas: Revolution, Simplicity and Language. He really honed in on simplicity, talking about how it destroys or validates an idea; and how we should to use the only possible words in the only possible order. He did a lot of comparisons to Jesus, which for those in the audience hoping to find career validation either humbled them to the point of self destruction and disappointment or built their egos up very nicely indeed. I guess the point he was making was that we needed to keep our belief high and our standards even higher. Or something like that. Erm… oh who knows. We all just came away that thinking if we worked hard enough, maybe we’ll be clever too one day. And a Lord.

Here’s a really bad picture of the lecture.



All around the world now… February 17, 2010

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I went to see Saatchi talk last night, I’ll write it up soon. In the meantime, please enjoy this pop gem.

Hello Frankie. You’re wonderful.



These boots were made for eating (in) February 15, 2010

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Awww… what a wonderful, chilled out Valentine’s weekend. The Fashion Boy and I went to the ever scrumptious Great Queen Street for dinner, where we ate our weight in cow. It’s one of those dishes where they serve steak already cut up, placed on a big plate in between you two and you fight for the best bits. I’m sure there’s a proper culinary name for it. I’ll stick with Steak Au Plate for now. Great Queen Street is such a great restaurant, dark, homely and bouncey.

Though we started with good intentions for a walk in the countryside and trip to the cinema, Sunday ended up being fry up, two Adam Sandler films and a curry in front of the tv. Oh, the romance. It was lovely actually, can’t beat Sunday sofa cuddles. Click is a bloody terrible film though, avoid avoid avoid.

And in other exciting news, I bought these little booties last week. Cutest things in the world.

So there, diary esque blog entry done. More to follow. Maybe.



Godzilla pussy cat February 12, 2010

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Wonderful. I want to get a cat and dress him up like this.

(Via World’s Best Ever)