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2010 is going to be brilliant January 9, 2010

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As always, I’m starting the new year with an intention to blog more. I might try and post every day, but it seems unlikely. I also want to get back to the good ole days when this used to be more of a diary. Can’t believe Big Yellow Tutu has now been going for five years, starting in November 2004!!!

Christmas has been & gone, I now own more kitchenalia. Including a thing for slicing julienne carrots. Erm. It was a fairly standard Christmas, I got drunk with friends on xmas eve and called a pub bouncer a c**t. Nice. We did a few nice family things, a trip to see Matthew Bourne’s Swan Lake and a day trip to Lille. The ballet was amazing, I really didn’t expect the male dancers to be that muscley!!!! Lille was beautiful, but fucking freezing and my mother was a misery the entire day. That woman is bloody hard to please. She complained that the train station car park hadn’t been planted up!!!!

I was very glad to get back to London, especially after a week without the little Baigues. New Year was awesome, we went to the Barfly and Monarch for dancing and sweating. Didn’t get to bed until 9am! I’m not an old lady after all! I think I shocked myself with that. Though I did nap for an hour at about 5 in the morning, but still…

It’s been a culture packed few weeks too. In summary:

Ed Ruscha Exhibition: mostly good, big words, some awful stuff that looked like it could be sold as posters in bong shops

Twilight New Moon: terrible, of course but Jacob looks hot. They cut out all the interesting bits, and Bella is still a knob.

The Box: Same director as Donnie Darko, it’s great but spooky. I’d have kept the kid blind & deaf.

Sherlock Holmes: ridiculous. Robert Downey Jr is buff.

Up: amazing, but so upsetting. I cried for hours afterwards.

Paranormal Activity: Fucked up. Baigues didn’t sleep at all that evening. I don’t mean that in a sexy way either, he’s just a complete nancy.

The Road: Incredible, but the most harrowing thing I’ve ever seen.

A Single Man: Tom Ford’s directorial debut. It’s beautiful, the outfits are wonderful. Gutted that Colin Firth didn’t get it on with Nicholas Hoult though.

Nine: The worst film I’ve seen in a very long time.

Kim Noble’s stand up show: more jizz than I think I’ve ever seen. Ewww…

That’s about it, I think. Off to do a Jack The Ripper pub crawl in a bit, going to wear every piece of clothing I own. It’s still snowing. Ugh.

Happy New Everyone.