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Anish Kapoor December 16, 2009

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A week or so ago lil Luke & I had the day off together, an entire Friday to potter about town and feel stupidly xmassy. Such bliss.

We hit up the Anish Kapoor exhibition at the Royal Academy for a bit of waxy, mulitcoloured fun. Per square footage, the exhibition is a bit of a rip off. But per ounce of fun it’s amazing. They’ve really destroyed the exhibition space, wax everywhere. It looks incredible, it’s such a beautiful old tradition building and they’ve splattered the hell out of it. The big wax train that shuffles up and down through the arches has covered every wall in waxy gunk. I want one of those big guns that fires wax too, amazingly good fun. Splat! Splat! Splat! The big mirrors are kinda cute for about two seconds, the big clay poos just remind me of the pottery classes my mum forced me into, the big lady bits is rude and the giant piles of powder paint are chronically dull. Just go for the wax. See if you can touch it, there are security guards everywhere. The meanies.



Helen Claire Barker

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Mmmmm… one day I’ll marry him. So damn hot.

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New year? New job? We need a Junior Social Media Planner.. December 14, 2009

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Sooo… here at Dare we’re after a Junior Social Media Planner to join our lovely social media team. We’re part of the planning department but that doesn’t mean you’ll be writing endless powerpoint presentations, just thinking and not doing. The role is a lovely mix of concepting, strategy, techie thoughts, community & profile management and blogger outreach. You’d be working on the long term social media strategies for our clients, as well as the big campaigns we produce here.

Last week, Daniel (our other Junior Social Media Planner) spent a day like this:

New Look: inviting bloggers to the SS10 press launch in London; inviting bloggers to a day trip to Paris to see the new collection; coordinating the content plan across Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and the blog; sending out SS10 look books to bloggers; planning the campaign ideas around the flagship store launch.

Barclaycard: updating their music Twitter feed; planning ideas around the new tv advert (the big digital campaign itself and what we’ll do on all the Barclaycard profiles); looking at ways to measure it all; working with the tech and the IA department on how the new campaign pages will integrate social media; updating the Barclaycard Facebook page.

Of course I’m going to say it, but Dare is a brilliant place to work. There are about 180 of us, we’re just off Oxford St and we get free breakfast. We just won Digital Agency Of The Decade and we do work like this. We have a knitting club.

We’re after someone who knows the platforms inside out, knows what makes a good social media campaign and most importantly understands how social media can benefit a brand. You don’t need years of experience, but someone from a social media, PR or techie background would be brilliant.

Email the lovely with your cv if you’re interested or if you’d just like to know more. I have actually written a proper job description, as well as this endless waffle. Lucy can send this over.