Big Yellow Tutu

My Famous Friend November 25, 2009

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Rick is incredibly camp. Something I tried to ignore when we dated. He has been on tour with Michael McIntyre for the past few months, getting porky and doing some porking. Here he is, mincing about backstage. According to Rick, this video has been so popular he now has his own groupies who hang out at the stage door waiting for him. Er… right. Though, going through the comments it seems he might be telling the truth. Weird.



Heads and hearts November 12, 2009

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Yet more Tour De Force amazingness. Heart heart heart heart. Swoon swoon swoon swoon.


The Saviour Headpiece is my fave. Stunning.



Gee whizz Giles

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Oh santa please, I’ve been so very, very good this year…

This is from the Giles Deacon SS10 collection, most of which is utter chavvy rubbish but this little lovely is just perfect. The big skirt, the ruffles, the colour, the sci fi corset; if it could make martinis I think I’d marry it.

Musee de l'Hommexx



Mary River Turtle November 9, 2009

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The cutest thing in the world. The Mary River Turtle. That’s algae on his head. Love it. He’s endangered, the poor lad. A dam might be built that would flood the waters he paddles in. Noooo!




Happy happy happy November 2, 2009

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Today is brilliant. The weekend was brilliant. Here, have a baby elephant dancing while playing harmonica.