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Falmouth Fun October 30, 2009

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This blog used to be more of a diary. I keep meaning to head back in that direction, but I get easily distracted by posting about the shiny things that I want to buy.

So… last weekend a bunch of us went down to Falmouth for the Ale Festival. Suuucccchhh fun! Four days of solid boozing. I’m suffering now though with a massive cold. Snot everywhere. I’m not naming names, but some people managed to achieve the following different things: getting punched by a dog, passing out and pissing themselves on the street, puking on the dancefloor, forward rolls on the dance floor, drinking nine beers before even hitting the pub at 5pm,  being the only person to take my lives on Killer Darts…

Falmouth is lovely, I was so jealous of the boys for going to uni there. London Met just isn’t as pretty. Lunch by the harbour or lunch on Whitechapel High St? Mmm… tough call.



2 Responses to “Falmouth Fun”

  1. Talia Says:

    That picture of you is brilliant.

  2. bitchbag Says:

    Looks like I missed out. Rubbish.x

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