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Falmouth Fun October 30, 2009

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This blog used to be more of a diary. I keep meaning to head back in that direction, but I get easily distracted by posting about the shiny things that I want to buy.

So… last weekend a bunch of us went down to Falmouth for the Ale Festival. Suuucccchhh fun! Four days of solid boozing. I’m suffering now though with a massive cold. Snot everywhere. I’m not naming names, but some people managed to achieve the following different things: getting punched by a dog, passing out and pissing themselves on the street, puking on the dancefloor, forward rolls on the dance floor, drinking nine beers before even hitting the pub at 5pm,  being the only person to take my lives on Killer Darts…

Falmouth is lovely, I was so jealous of the boys for going to uni there. London Met just isn’t as pretty. Lunch by the harbour or lunch on Whitechapel High St? Mmm… tough call.




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One day I’ll have ten thousand children. No time soon though. Argh, no. But when I finally get round to popping some out they’re definitely gonna have these… and yes, I do know that scooters are dangerous and that encouraging them to drive one is probably massively irresponsible. Oh well. They’d look super cute while developing that habit for dangerous activities.



LED eyelashes!!!!!!

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Wow. Wow. Wow. And some more. Wow. Wow. Wow. LED eyelashes! They have a little tilt sensor in them to turn on and off as you raise your head up and down. Amazing. I wish I lived in Japan.




Bum love

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I went skiing at the start of the year. I was fucking terrible at it. I could never get the hang of travelling, turning, standing up, stopping… it was all inpossible. I think these shorts might be my saviour. I am more than happy to slide down the hill on my bum while all my friends zoom down on their stupid skis. Gonna book the next trip now.



Warm hands

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I did a massive clear out of my RSS reader this morning, so I’m about to do about a zillion posts on things I want to own. Most of it is from LikeCool, because they’re ace. Hello my Lurking Future Millionaire Husband, think of this as my Christmas present list please.

First up, a jumper with sewn in mittens! It’s only for children though, going up to age 6. I’m only tiny, reckon I can fit in that. Maybe. Erm. Maybe not. Boo!



RFID radios October 28, 2009

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Ooohhhh… nerd moment. I love this. Paper radios with RFID tags in them, when placed over speakers with RFID readers in them they play a unique radio station. You could leave people little playlists in places, so cute!

Interface-Innovation-Matt-Browns-RFID-Radio-1 Via PSFK.



East Beach wonderfulness October 5, 2009

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This weekend the marching band had a gig down in Portsmouth so I used the opportunity to see my folks and get some a big dose of good grub. They took me to an incredible, incredible place in Littlehampton, the East Beach Cafe.  It was built in 2007, designed by Heatherwick studios and using only local firms in the construction. Nice.

It’s plonked right on the seafront, with an amazing view right out onto the seafront. Apparently it’s supposed to look like a piece of flotsam washed up on shore, with a really weathered feel to it. It’s an amazing building, and so at odds to the surrounding, Littlehampton isn’t exactly cool. There is very little ever going on there. Ever.

The food is seriously scrummy. There’s a fish and chips take away cafe on the corner of the building but we opted but the sit down restaurant inside. All the food comes from local producers, so fish is big. And brilliant. I had salt & pepper squid to start and crab linguine for mains. Absolutely delicious.

Go go go. It’s worth a day trip down from town with a walk along the beach.