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Kill some, love others August 24, 2009

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My parents are animal lovers; they have a dog, a cat, some bees, some chickens and some pigs. They look after them all extremely well, they just also like to kill a few of them. The pigs were the unlucky ones, though my mother isn’t actually that keen on the cat, so maybe he’s next…

This spring some of the people in their village started this pig cooperative. They pooled their money and time to buy and care for three very cute piglets. I visited them a few times over the summer, they were super super fun. We ran about the pen with them, scratched their bellies and occasionally rubbed sun cream on them. The week before last they were killed. Not because my mum was drunk and wielding the bread knife again, but because it was time to eat them. Gobble gobble gobble. A nice man with stun gun thing and a big knife came to the house and did the deeds.

My folks got half a pig out of it, all cut up nicely ready for the freezer. I got my first taste this weekend. It was devine. We marinated it coffee, black treacle, fennel seeds, chilli flakes, mustard and red wine vinegar; then whacked it on the BBQ 24 hours later. It was soooo soooo scrumptious.


The animal they’re not going to kill any time soon is their new puppy, Pip. Within minutes of meeting him I became one of those women that lets dogs lick their face. Ewww. I do love him though.



p.s. I’m going to try and get a ‘before’ picture of the pigs from my dad for this post.


Heart, heart, heart, another heart

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I’ve been going through the S Club 7 back catalogue this morning, I’ve realised I don’t think I’ll ever be able to decide which of their songs I like the most; the contenders are obviously You, Don’t Stop Moving, Two In A Million and S Club Party. I’ve had to put little hearts next to all of them on Last FM. Oops.  S Club were brilliant, I miss them massively. Almost all their singles were fantastic, but unlike Girls Aloud they had truly terrible album tracks. I wish they’d properly re-form, none of this S Club 3 nonsense.

s club



Pow! Thwack! Bam! Whap!

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For a small girl I do actually punch pretty hard. Obviously, I don’t get into fights but I still think I should own this Alexander McQueen Knuckle Duster, I’d be such a champion fighter with it. Grrrrr! Totally love it. It’s £332. Hurry up and find me, millionaire husband to be.

skulll ring(via You Were Never Lovelier)



Skeletor August 21, 2009

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A thousand posts today, I’ve been doing more fashion blog research and keep stumbling across more things that I need in my life.

Look at this. Gaze at its sparkle. Lick the screen. Rub up against the screen. Fall in love.

It’s £15000. Fifteen-fucking-grand. Gutted.






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Yup. I’m very mature.



On my head

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OK, so they make that bit behind the back of your ears hurt like fuck, but headbands are totally amazing. I’m still trying to decide what to get from the brilliant Tour De Force, it’s pretty much impossible, I love them all.

Stumbled  across this Etsy seller this afternoon, also selling some amazing headbands. Again, I want them all.

Feeling generous? I’d like the two blackbirds please.



Adoration running through my veins

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I’m going to have to hurry up and become a millionaire. There’s so much I want to buy/do/eat. Today’s item being adored and fawned over is this pair of vein tights. Yum! They’re so incredibly cute aren’t they?