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We like short shorts July 21, 2009

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What Dare lacks in access to Spotify it makes up for in Vaseline and vomit.

We’ve been working on a film for The FA for the past few months and it’s just gone live. Wooh! It shows the real side of football, with *cough* rather a slight nod to Guy Ritchie’s Take It To The Next Level advert for Nike.

The film is part of campaign to get people back into 11 a side football, as the number of players and teams in affiliated men’s 11-a-side football leagues is in decline. Figures have been decreasing over time and the 2008-09 season saw 400 fewer teams register than the previous season (now 30,400). Booooooo! We need more men in little shorts running about our fields!

We filmed it down in Hackney Marshes with Old Bealonians, Bethnal Green Utd FC and Leyton Orient Advanced Soccer School. Mmmm… footballers.



Talulah Does The Hula July 8, 2009

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I was gutted when I found out that The Chalets had split up, I loved them so much. They were the band I always wanted to be in, they wore fancy dress, wrote cute songs and had little dance routines. Simply perfect.

I’ve just found out that Paula and Caoimhe from The Chalets have started a new band, Talulah Does The Hula and they’re brilliant. This is the next single, called Bad Boyfriend. I’m going to listen to this on loop for the rest of the afternoon.



Hooting & Howling July 7, 2009

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I stopped listening to the Hey Monday album for long enough today to listen to Wild Beasts‘ newbie Hooting & Howling. Oh my, it’s lovely. I’d never heard of them before, but am gonna have a little rummage through their last album, Limbo, Panto later. This is scrumptious, and what a yummy video too…



Jack was not happy July 2, 2009

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I love this photo. I’d forgotten all about it until just now when I needed a pic of someone looking sad at Glastonbury for a presentation I’m writing.

This is Jack. It was Glastonbury 2005. Our tents had been flooded during the storm, we had no dry clothes, no working phones, nowhere to sleep and only the beer had survived. I can’t remember if he had anything on under the rain mac…