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Oh curses and fiddlesticks June 22, 2009

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British traditions don’t really get bigger than Wimbledon and it seems BBC’s journalists have been tasked with keeping up the tally-ho tone of voice. The live updates coming through are brilliant. We should all talk like this while Wimbledon is on…

Lu vs Federer

1250: I’ll be honest – I’ve seen a sneak preview. Without spoiling things for you, knitwear is out, faux-military is in.

1259: A polite buzz of anticipation fills the air – and here come the players! My giddy aunts – what a jacket that is. A round-neck, sub-Beatles ’63 collar, military pockets on breast and shoulder and the usual gold ‘RF’ monogrammed across the breast.

1302: Now this we didn’t expect – there’s a waistcoat under the jacket! Now Rog looks like he’s off to serve food at a 1940s Guardsmans’ dinner.

Lu *1-2 Federer:

Easy hold to love for Fed – big boomers on serve, driven forehands leaving Rendy flailing helplessly. To balance this up a little, a brief run-down of the Rendy look – baggy semi-boardshorts, traditional white polo and Roddick-style white cap pulled low over his eyes.

The overall BBC Feed

1109: Tremendous news, BBC Sport has been moved one window to the left in Commentary Box Four, while Dutch radio has been shoved along three booths.

1119: “Hold the phone! After a quiet start to proceedings, I have just discovered pop strumpet Alesha Dixon is challenging people in the queue to a game of tennis! With her natural litheness across the court and my brand of power tennis I feel we would make a devilish mixed doubles partnership. She says she finds Wimbledon, ‘intense, exciting, infectious and electrifying’. Oooer.”

1317: Oh, don’t worry, Fed fans, there’ll be a picture of his new get-up… patience. Curses, Robson and Hantuchova are back on serve.



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