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Twilight New Moon June 3, 2009

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After seeing the first Twilight film at Christmas I became kinda obssessed with the series of books, reading the entire lot  in a few days. I even took them on holiday with me, after getting over the humiliation of going into the Teen Romance section of Waterstones to buy them.

They’ve just released the trailer for the 2nd film, New Moon. It looks AMAZING. Edward is brilliant, but he has such tough decisions to make; and poor Bella, her world has been turned upside down and she has nowhere to go. Oh the drama, the angst… it’s all too much.  I just can’t wait.

I’m kinda upset that they’ve shown the Jacob/wolf link so early. Even though it was fucking obvious in the first film, Bella doesn’t actually realise until about half way through the New Moon book (I spent so long yelling at her while reading it, the girl is a bloody idiot, and don’t even get me started on how long it took her to realise she was pregnant in the last book…).

Anyway, it’s going to be brilliant and I love Robert Pattinson.



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