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Time to dance dance dance June 30, 2009

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One giant pile of wonderfulness. Leighton + shiny hair + stupidly fun pop song + 2000 mobile phone shots. She’s so brilliant.

I think that Leighton, Ed Westwick and Robert Pattinson should join up their musical adventures and form a super group of hotness. It’d be incredible.



Boom June 25, 2009

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I’d love to go into space. I think the outfits you have to wear in space stations would get dull, but I’d love to spend a month just floating around the earth, sipping on a large martini or two. A couple of weeks ago the guys in the International Space Station took this amazing photo of Russia’s Sarychev Peak volcano in the Kuril Islands exploding. The pressure from the volcano pushed the clouds out the way! Beautiful.

russian volcanoxx


I need a millionaire husband June 24, 2009

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This black lace cape from Shrimpton Couture is possibly the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen, I want it so so so bad. I’d wear it every day. Can my really rich stalker came out of hiding and buy it for me please? It’s only  $1,450…

I might cry.

lace cape

black lace cape 2xx


Alice in Wonderland

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Oh gosh. I can’t wait. Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland looks absolutely stunning.


Bonham carter








Oh curses and fiddlesticks June 22, 2009

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British traditions don’t really get bigger than Wimbledon and it seems BBC’s journalists have been tasked with keeping up the tally-ho tone of voice. The live updates coming through are brilliant. We should all talk like this while Wimbledon is on…

Lu vs Federer

1250: I’ll be honest – I’ve seen a sneak preview. Without spoiling things for you, knitwear is out, faux-military is in.

1259: A polite buzz of anticipation fills the air – and here come the players! My giddy aunts – what a jacket that is. A round-neck, sub-Beatles ’63 collar, military pockets on breast and shoulder and the usual gold ‘RF’ monogrammed across the breast.

1302: Now this we didn’t expect – there’s a waistcoat under the jacket! Now Rog looks like he’s off to serve food at a 1940s Guardsmans’ dinner.

Lu *1-2 Federer:

Easy hold to love for Fed – big boomers on serve, driven forehands leaving Rendy flailing helplessly. To balance this up a little, a brief run-down of the Rendy look – baggy semi-boardshorts, traditional white polo and Roddick-style white cap pulled low over his eyes.

The overall BBC Feed

1109: Tremendous news, BBC Sport has been moved one window to the left in Commentary Box Four, while Dutch radio has been shoved along three booths.

1119: “Hold the phone! After a quiet start to proceedings, I have just discovered pop strumpet Alesha Dixon is challenging people in the queue to a game of tennis! With her natural litheness across the court and my brand of power tennis I feel we would make a devilish mixed doubles partnership. She says she finds Wimbledon, ‘intense, exciting, infectious and electrifying’. Oooer.”

1317: Oh, don’t worry, Fed fans, there’ll be a picture of his new get-up… patience. Curses, Robson and Hantuchova are back on serve.



I am the sun and I will have my hat on June 19, 2009

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Oh wow.  I need this hat in my life. In fact, I need everything that Tour De Force have ever made. Mind blowingly beautiful.

Drool… drool… drool…



Gossip Girl Yum June 17, 2009

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Oh wow wow wow. I love Gossip Girl.

Even more amazing photos here.