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Creepy Chichester High School photos May 12, 2009

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I attended ‘Chi High’ For Girls all the way through secondary school and A Levels. For the most part of it I loved my time there, it had a maths club, an observatory and an orchestra. Plenty to keep a nerd like me happy.

The main school buildings were on one big modern campus, but there was another small campus a few roads down. The second campus was home to the science labs and the sixth form, so I spent an awful lot of time over there. A few years ago they closed the second campus down, the big Victorian building wasn’t really holding up too well.

I’ve just found these really creepy photos of the labs there, they’ve freaked me out. The building closed ages ago and these photos appear to have been taken this year, maybe five years since any classes took place there.

I’m going to add more photos to this post as I go through them all, so apologies for all the updating of this post.

Chichester high school

Chichester high school 2




7 Responses to “Creepy Chichester High School photos”

  1. randomnut Says:

    Just thought i’d stop by and say Hi, i’m the photographer of these shots.

    It was a bizarre place to look around, do you know when it actually closed down? There is still even pupils writing on the blackboards, although pikeys have gone to town on the desks.


    • Ollie Saunders Says:

      Hi there, I wondered round this school not long ago. It was really weird. I went there because I wanted to see the school most of the people (girls obviously) I know went to. I believe the school closed in 2006, as they moved the school due to the health of the Edwardian building on stockbridge road. Do you know where that photo you took of the blue doors is? I didn’t see that. I know they demolished 2 other buildings but kept the one you see today as it’s a listed building. Is that photo of the blue doors been demolished?
      Thank you for uploading these photo’s, and it’s great to meet someone else who’s entered the abandoned building.

      • randomnut Says:

        The blue doors were in the main corridor. I tried to go back for some better shots recently, but it’s been properly sealed. Can’t say i’m disappointed though, at least it’s going to stay relatively un-chavved!

  2. Becky Says:

    I’ve been to this abandoned school only 2 weeks ago, i sat in a room that had ‘Saz and Becky’ on the door. I must say I am amazed at this because there are still drawings up and writing on the blackboard. I really want to know what happened to it because I found a paper in there saying 1998!! Its really weird. The doors were broken down so obviously its changed cos i saw down that corridor and more.

  3. Cynthia Ryder Says:

    I have so many lovely memories in that building. It is lovely to see some photos. The library in the middle of the building I remember as being particularly beautiful, are there any photos anywhere of this? Does anyone know what the wscc,s plans are for this building ? I run an independant secondary school (stage school) in Chichester and would love to use the building although it would probably be far too costly to get it to a useable state! Such a shame a real part of chichester history!

  4. Debbie Says:

    Hi Cynthia Ryder,
    If you take a look at this website, it tells you what this school is going to be transformed in to.

    WSCC is going to turn the school into 99 flats. It’s a real shame, because this school has so much history, and even though inside, there’s broken glass everywhere and graffiti, I think it still has character! Hope this helps! 🙂


  5. Simon Says:

    Just in case you are interested, t he rest of this photoset can be found here:

    And more of my urban explores can be found here:

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