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Andrew WK at Old Blue Last May 11, 2009

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My shoes stink of beer, I have bruises over my shins and ribs, my washing basket is full of sweat drenched clothes and my ears are still ringing. Ouch. No prizes for guessing I wasn’t at one of my marching band gigs this weekend…

It was all caused by Andrew WK at Old Blue Last, at the What’s My Age Again night. So so so so messy. Sweat everywhere, we were all drenched within about a minute of walking through the door. I had such a good night, WK was insane – the stage got taken over as soon as he hit it – I’ve no idea how he managed to keep going song through song, he was being pulled about like mad.

Vice folks took some photos (more here):

I filmed some stuff too, it’s less professional (but obv better):



2 Responses to “Andrew WK at Old Blue Last”

  1. alcopop Says:

    Nice video… Very nice video 😉 Who’s that crowdsurfing hunk eh x

  2. […] after a few more drinks – it was onto Andrew WK (more words/images about it here), and one of the most passionate, sweaty affairs I’ve experienced since last hanging out with […]

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