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Vodafone Twitter Hunt May 7, 2009

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Last year most brands wanted to be on Facebook, the year before that it was MySpace and before that it was Second Life.  It seemed they simply said to someone ‘we need to be on this social network’, usually without any kind of aim, ambition or relevance to any brand strategy. This year it’s all about Twitter, my ‘What Is Twitter actually good for’ PowerPoint slides are definitely well used at the moment.

It’s so easy to jump on Twitter, setting up a profile for a brand takes minutes and so we’re seeing an awful lot of abandoned profiles and pointless brand message spam that doesn’t engage anyone or offer anyone something new or fun.

Here at Dare, the lovely (and sometimes orange) Jasmin has been working on the Vodafone UK Twitter account and is doing a really nice campaign within it that I’m rather keen on.

Throughout May the Twitter profile will give away clues as to which stores Vodafone have hidden 20 HTC Magic phones in. The first person each day to reach the right store and say the magic word wins an HTC Magic. Awesome. The profile also offers customer support, news and promotion updates. How lovely.

HTC Magicxx


2 Responses to “Vodafone Twitter Hunt”

  1. Fraser Says:

    Today I realised I’m being followed by the UK arm of the Doritos brand, on Twitter, I mean.

    They have elected to call their Twitter feed Doritosuk, which makes a certain amount of sense.

    I’m more of a cruncher myself though.

  2. […] research and I discovered that Vodafone will give third parties access to their Twitter.  In May Dare, ran a Twitter campaign on their behalf according to a blog from a staff […]

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