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OMG. McFly are trending. May 13, 2009

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I spoke too soon, mere hours after I announced the demise of McFly they become a trending topic on Twitter. So happy right now.


mcfly on twitter


That steak has my name on it

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Oh wow. I want one of these. Though I’d be tempted to run around branding people with my own name too, which might not go down so well.

Actually, I’d probably write McFly on everything. They seem to be falling in popularity, I’ve been getting loads of stick for liking them recently. This could be the opportunity to reignite the public’s love for them. Who wouldn’t want a McFly branded steak?



Creepy Chichester High School photos May 12, 2009

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I attended ‘Chi High’ For Girls all the way through secondary school and A Levels. For the most part of it I loved my time there, it had a maths club, an observatory and an orchestra. Plenty to keep a nerd like me happy.

The main school buildings were on one big modern campus, but there was another small campus a few roads down. The second campus was home to the science labs and the sixth form, so I spent an awful lot of time over there. A few years ago they closed the second campus down, the big Victorian building wasn’t really holding up too well.

I’ve just found these really creepy photos of the labs there, they’ve freaked me out. The building closed ages ago and these photos appear to have been taken this year, maybe five years since any classes took place there.

I’m going to add more photos to this post as I go through them all, so apologies for all the updating of this post.

Chichester high school

Chichester high school 2




Andrew WK at Old Blue Last May 11, 2009

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My shoes stink of beer, I have bruises over my shins and ribs, my washing basket is full of sweat drenched clothes and my ears are still ringing. Ouch. No prizes for guessing I wasn’t at one of my marching band gigs this weekend…

It was all caused by Andrew WK at Old Blue Last, at the What’s My Age Again night. So so so so messy. Sweat everywhere, we were all drenched within about a minute of walking through the door. I had such a good night, WK was insane – the stage got taken over as soon as he hit it – I’ve no idea how he managed to keep going song through song, he was being pulled about like mad.

Vice folks took some photos (more here):

I filmed some stuff too, it’s less professional (but obv better):



Jarvis Cocker is amazing May 8, 2009

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I wish I was a toddler in Paris, this looks incredible. I’m very jealous.



Vodafone Twitter Hunt May 7, 2009

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Last year most brands wanted to be on Facebook, the year before that it was MySpace and before that it was Second Life.  It seemed they simply said to someone ‘we need to be on this social network’, usually without any kind of aim, ambition or relevance to any brand strategy. This year it’s all about Twitter, my ‘What Is Twitter actually good for’ PowerPoint slides are definitely well used at the moment.

It’s so easy to jump on Twitter, setting up a profile for a brand takes minutes and so we’re seeing an awful lot of abandoned profiles and pointless brand message spam that doesn’t engage anyone or offer anyone something new or fun.

Here at Dare, the lovely (and sometimes orange) Jasmin has been working on the Vodafone UK Twitter account and is doing a really nice campaign within it that I’m rather keen on.

Throughout May the Twitter profile will give away clues as to which stores Vodafone have hidden 20 HTC Magic phones in. The first person each day to reach the right store and say the magic word wins an HTC Magic. Awesome. The profile also offers customer support, news and promotion updates. How lovely.

HTC Magicxx


20th Century Boys May 5, 2009

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Nerd alert. Yesterday Mee and I geeked out at the Sci-Fi London flim festival, seeing the double bill of awesome Japanese flick 20th Century Boys.

The film is a live action version of a sci-fi mystery manga, telling a tale of apocalypse, doom and robots. In a super short summation:

In 1969 some boys write a comic about how evil people will destroy the world; one of the boys  goes a bit mad as he grows up and decides to make it a reality. He kills people, blows stuff up then builds a fucking huge robot to take over the world. Somehow this mad boy gets into political power and controls everything. The 1969 boys aren’t happy, so they try and stop him. This isn’t easy.

The 1st film is a proper action fest as they try to battle against the apocalypse clock; the 2nd is a slower, fight-the-power affair but still pretty ace. It’s especially brilliant because it has the most amazing girl in the world in it. I think I love her; she’s a gun toting, rebel leader in the film and in real life is a pop star with a penchant for taking her clothes off. Brilliant. She’s called Airi Taira, it even sounds nice when you say it out loud.

Though there’s every possiblity that I fucked up, and these pix aren’t of the same woman. Navigating Japanese websites is alsmot impossible.