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Happy pig amazingness February 27, 2009

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This Little Piggy

This might be the most brilliant idea I’ve ever heard…

A company called This Little Piggy are starting a new pig farming initiative that makes me so so so so excited. Happy pigs!

Ruth Jamieson:

Our idea is to connect consumers directly with farmers and smallholders. Our customers will choose and buy a piglet via our website. Then they get to watch their pig mature via photo and email updates, whilst paying the farmer for their pig’s upkeep. Once it’s ready, we butcher the pig and deliver the meat directly to the customer. Essentially it’s smallholding by proxy. No supermarkets mean more money for the farmer. Contact with the farmer means more traceable meat for the customer. But we need to talk to friendly and preferably rare breed farmers about the scheme first.

Oh my god. That’s amazing. I love this idea, I want to buy a piglet right now! My mother has just started a pig farm cooperative thing, the local villagers have clubbed together to buy some pigs and they’ll all share the meat once they’re big enough to go to slaughter.

I’m very jealous, as much as I love the high heels and city life, all this cooperative farming stuff is so inspiring. We don’t see enough connections between the animal growing and maturing through to it being slaughtered and ending up on our plates. This initiative seems like the ideal cure for those people who pay £20 a month to sponsor a kitten but still eat crap quality meat. I imagine the kitten sponsor email updates say stuff like ‘the fluffy kitten played with some wool this week’, I hope the pig ones say ‘oohhh… they’re smiling and fattening up nicely. Will make amazing bacon.’

This Little Piggy are on Twitter, and are asking farmers to get in touch if they’d like to be involved.

Yum yum yum yum yum.



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