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Jolly good fun February 23, 2009

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When I started this blog five years ago it was all ‘indie disco this, indie disco that’; but the last few years have been more ‘cooking this, knitting that’. This weekend I decided to relive my youth and go to Button Down Disco at KOKO with some suitably neon clad friends.

This is what happened:

  • I drank 20 units. This is a lot for me. It was mainly gin.
  • A Swedish woman showed me her boobs in a bid to convince me to bring my friends to her metal club night
  • A very young boy groped me in a bid to get my number. It didn’t work.
  • I met three lovely ladies who spent all night kissing each other in a big triangle of hotness.
  • My hot friend tried to turn me to the dark side by pushing his groin against me and trying to get me to lick his finger, whilst whispering ‘I want to be the first person who gets you to do drugs’. It didn’t work. Shockingly.
  • I danced to Mansun’s Being A Girl like it was the best song ever written. It really isn’t.
  • My head hurt so much on Sunday that I winced when the bus went over speed bumps and made my brain jolt about inside my head.

It was brilliant.



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