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London Twestivaling February 15, 2009

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Twast Twursday twas Twestival, a twarty for Twitterers to twaise twosh for twarity. 175 twarties twobally, twots of twun and twots of twangovers the twext tway.

OK, I can’t keep that up without the entire post turning into utter gibberish. So anyway… the night was good fun, though it was a bit surreal to be in a room full of people who you know lots about but have no idea what they look like. There was a lot of name badge perving and a lot of awkward moments when you said hello to someone but then realised you couldn’t remember their real name. Oops. Though it was about 8 guys for every 1 girl which was rather fun for an evening of perving, especially as Pete Cashmore was there – who knew he was so bloody hot? Crikey.

Press coverage for the event was incredible, cameras everywhere and lots of write ups in the papers the next day. I managed to make it onto BBC News, but it’s not exactly my proudest moment. At 2:04 they caught me wandering around lost and drunk. My parents are very proud…


2 Responses to “London Twestivaling”

  1. Angus Says:

    You’re so cute!!

  2. Ashley Says:

    Ha ha brilliant! I love the way you immediately turn and walk in the other direction when you notice that the camera is on you! 😀

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