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The 827361st reason that I love Jasmin December 12, 2008

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She dresses up as a Christmas Tree sometimes. We used to work together and I know she’ll hate me for posting this, but I couldn’t resist.

Thanks to Matt for supplying the photo.


Twitter cards from Amplified 08 December 10, 2008

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A lovely lady asked all the Amplified 08 attendees to fill out little cards about ourselves, with our Twitter name in the middle.

I told everyone that can stick my tongue up my nose and I can sing the alphabet backwards to the tune of All Things Bright & Beautiful. I cannot do these two things at the same time though. That would just be horrible.


The Saturdays – Issues December 1, 2008

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Oh how I wish I was in this band. Why hasn’t anyone scouted me for a girlband yet? It probably has something to do with the fact that I can’t sing or dance, but still… it’s disappointing.

The Saturdays are releasing their third single, Issues, from their debut album. Interestingly they’ve changed one of the words in the song for the single release. It used to be “Damn I Wish That I Could Resist You
Can’t Decide If I Should Slap You Or Kiss You”. I had to look this lyric up when I first heard the track as I was sure it said stab and not slap, probably not the wisest choice of words in these knife-toting times. Of course, it didn’t say stab, but I was shocked at how close it sounded. Maybe I wasn’t the only one to think this as they’ve changed the line over to “Damn I Wish That I Could Resist You
Can’t Decide If I Should Leave You Or Kiss You”.

Anyway, here’s the new video. Without the knife crime references…

And the original from the album: