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Demya – Making you puke in your mouth for just $75 November 18, 2008

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Publish 100,000 Forum Posts Promote Website, Products & Services for just $75

Oh that is just depressing. Some spammy c**nts called Demya are offering companies the chance to attack forums with marketing messages in exchange for a paultry $75. Not that making it $75,000,000 would make it any more justifiable of course. As you’d expect, they’ve got some automated software that will register on forums and post messages in one big hellish attack. Yet still they claim that this isn’t spam. They also offer the wonderful line “Do you promote gambling, dating or viagra campaigns? Yes, we don’t care what the website, product or service is that we are promoting”. How kind of them.

There are a zillion things wrong with this.

  1. It’s spam. Spam, spam, spam, spam. Forums are not the place for marketing messages.
  2. Contrary to their site’s claims, this kind of activity will actually push you down lower in search rankings.
  3. Even if forums were the place to send out marketing messages how the hell are you supposed to monitor 10,000 possible conversations (most of which will be ‘fuck off’) and gain any insight from it? Just attack and leave, what kind of relationship is that? Don’t go into a forum if you’re not being honest and you don’t have anything to offer other than a promotional message.
  4. It’s spam.
  5. It’s spam.
  6. It’s spam
  7. Its’ spam

Oh, I’m so angry. How does this kind of rubbish still exist? Why do people still think that forum spamming offers any kind of result other than just pissing people off?



2 Responses to “Demya – Making you puke in your mouth for just $75”

  1. […] this isn’t spam” doesn’t change the product in front of you. Spam. Or, as Helen Lawrence rather nicely lists it: “There are a zillion things wrong with […]

  2. Miko Says:

    just found your blog via the Social Media Stats wiki (which is wikid, btw) and simply had to jump in here because i too am angered beyond belief at stuff like this. the line that killed me is “we don’t care what kind of website we are promoting”.


    yours rantingly,

    (i’m not normally a cranky person, honest!)

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