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Grab yourself a free netbook November 12, 2008

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Stalking and stealing are two activities that I’d like to indulge in more, but alas the state frowns upon both so I try to keep it to a minimum most months. However, this month I can go mad as we’ve just launched a new campaign that encourages both! Wooh!

In short the campaign works like this: from the 17th we give a man a Mini 9 and set him loose across the UK (11 cities in total).

He must use his netbook to constantly upload clues as to his whereabouts. If you can find him, you’ll win a netbook from Vodafone with a free mobile broadband contract.

To make it a little harder for him, he will have a GPS tracker firing off his location to a Google Maps thingy so he needs to keep on the move to avoid being found. LiveGuy will be leaving clues via Facebook, Twitter, Picasa, YouTube and his blog. You can see all of this loveliness in one place at

It’s been great to have a campaign which can really make the most of Twitter; this last year Twitter has been mentioned in most concepting meetings at some point but, despite it being ever so trendy, Twitter doesn’t really have a place in most campaigns. People don’t want to be spammed with product offers every minute or receive a tweet once a month from some otherwise silent CEO who thought that it’d be a good idea to set up a Twitter account. Yuck. LiveGuy will be indulging in all the social media profiles he’s got to hand, actually chatting with people and generally being quite a personable chap. Hurrah!

You can follow him on Twitter here: and the hunt starts on Monday.


3 Responses to “Grab yourself a free netbook”

  1. tvlampsn Says:

    this is unbelievable. thanks for sharing.

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