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The most wonderful 20 seconds of your life November 18, 2008

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Our lovely SEO expert pointed me in the direction of this blissful video from Dressmann. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen anything quite so beautiful. I’ve been watching it on loop every day for the last week and still haven’t tired of it. Yum yum yum.


Demya – Making you puke in your mouth for just $75

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Publish 100,000 Forum Posts Promote Website, Products & Services for just $75

Oh that is just depressing. Some spammy c**nts called Demya are offering companies the chance to attack forums with marketing messages in exchange for a paultry $75. Not that making it $75,000,000 would make it any more justifiable of course. As you’d expect, they’ve got some automated software that will register on forums and post messages in one big hellish attack. Yet still they claim that this isn’t spam. They also offer the wonderful line “Do you promote gambling, dating or viagra campaigns? Yes, we don’t care what the website, product or service is that we are promoting”. How kind of them.

There are a zillion things wrong with this.

  1. It’s spam. Spam, spam, spam, spam. Forums are not the place for marketing messages.
  2. Contrary to their site’s claims, this kind of activity will actually push you down lower in search rankings.
  3. Even if forums were the place to send out marketing messages how the hell are you supposed to monitor 10,000 possible conversations (most of which will be ‘fuck off’) and gain any insight from it? Just attack and leave, what kind of relationship is that? Don’t go into a forum if you’re not being honest and you don’t have anything to offer other than a promotional message.
  4. It’s spam.
  5. It’s spam.
  6. It’s spam
  7. Its’ spam

Oh, I’m so angry. How does this kind of rubbish still exist? Why do people still think that forum spamming offers any kind of result other than just pissing people off?



Grab yourself a free netbook November 12, 2008

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Stalking and stealing are two activities that I’d like to indulge in more, but alas the state frowns upon both so I try to keep it to a minimum most months. However, this month I can go mad as we’ve just launched a new campaign that encourages both! Wooh!

In short the campaign works like this: from the 17th we give a man a Mini 9 and set him loose across the UK (11 cities in total).

He must use his netbook to constantly upload clues as to his whereabouts. If you can find him, you’ll win a netbook from Vodafone with a free mobile broadband contract.

To make it a little harder for him, he will have a GPS tracker firing off his location to a Google Maps thingy so he needs to keep on the move to avoid being found. LiveGuy will be leaving clues via Facebook, Twitter, Picasa, YouTube and his blog. You can see all of this loveliness in one place at

It’s been great to have a campaign which can really make the most of Twitter; this last year Twitter has been mentioned in most concepting meetings at some point but, despite it being ever so trendy, Twitter doesn’t really have a place in most campaigns. People don’t want to be spammed with product offers every minute or receive a tweet once a month from some otherwise silent CEO who thought that it’d be a good idea to set up a Twitter account. Yuck. LiveGuy will be indulging in all the social media profiles he’s got to hand, actually chatting with people and generally being quite a personable chap. Hurrah!

You can follow him on Twitter here: and the hunt starts on Monday.


Dried on Paper… ooh, cryptic. November 10, 2008

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Somehow I’ve been invited to a product launch secret party, I’ve no idea what it’s for just that it’s “a new device designed to keep you in social sync more than ever before”.

The only other snippet of info is a site which reveals a bit more of a hidden image with every code entered in by invited folk. I don’t know what the URL Dried On Paper means either.

The invite is pretty snazzy too, a little red ink pad and stamp with the invite on. I did manage to cover myself in red ink while playing it though. Messy Helen.

Anyone got any more info?


Video Games Live November 5, 2008

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About two weeks ago Chris and I went along to see Video Games Live at the Royal Festival Thingy. We were the only people there who weren’t 15 or the parents of a 15 year old, though why we were shocked by that I don’t know. It was a proper geek fest, some people dressed up and most wore floor length leather jackets. Mmm… sexy.

The concept of VGL is a fun one – the English Chamber Orchestra and a choir play the music from video games past and present while a little montage of the game is projected above them. Not being a massive gamer I’d only heard of three or four of the games, and I certainly didn’t cheer on cue when certain games manufacturers were mentioned. In fact, I think I missed most of the in-jokes. The music itself made up for it though; most of it is beautiful, with a really heavy leaning towards operatic war epics where the violin players looked like they might catch fire. Alas the entire experience was a little dry as the orchestra doesn’t have a proper live drummer – they’ve got a couple of percussionists, including a rather bored looked timpani players, but they don’t have anyone just playing a drum kit. Instead the drum track is pre-recorded and the orchestra just play along to this. It really dampened the atmosphere, if the entire point of the event is to show that the music and emotions in gaming isn’t artificial then why not shell out for a proper drummer?

We were also treated to a bizarre appearance from a Guiness Book of Records guy who awarded them with the dubious honour of having played video games music to the most amount of people in one year. Errr…


US Elections on Twitter November 4, 2008

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I’ve loved every minute of the election coverage and talk on Twitter, especially when I get tweets like this…

Election 2008

Oh, and apologies for the awful image quality but I only have Paint on my computer and I’m too grumpy to work out how to prevent every output from Paint looking this shit.