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La Zona – Twitter screening October 10, 2008

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Apparently Twitter doesn’t just provide info on your colleagues lunch choices and live updates of which bits of the public transport system your friends are stuck on. Last night it got Chris and I to a free film screening at the swanky Hospital Club, a place with doors so heavy I pretty much fell over when I attempted to open any of them.

The film was La Zona, a Mexican thriller about a gated community who suffer the misfortune of having to deal with some ruffians from outside their posh suburbs. The ruffians get up to some pretty horrid criminal affairs and the residents of the gated community have to work out how to deal with it – should they follow their own laws or involve the help of the corrupt cops from outside the walls? Or maybe they should just carry on playing golf.

At least that’s what I think happens, I’m only about 85% sure. For the first half an hour I had no idea what was going on, though I do get confused by James Bond films so I was probably the only one who didn’t follow it. Once I’d got a basic grasp on the plot I thoroughly enjoyed it, it’s incredibly dark and if you ignore about 6 of the characters and concentrate on just a few it’s actually incredibly moving.

I don’t know if gated communities like this actually exist in Mexico, the situation was fairly extreme – with giant walls, CCTV and security guards, so I’m guessing not but the concept is fascinating. A lot of the film happens within cars as they move in and out of the zone within their own little bubbles and make decisions within the walls of the car. How fun. Though I did get freaked out by the sight of a 16 yr old boy driving a BMW 4×4.

Here’s the trailer, it’s in Spanish as I couldn’t find a subtitled one. Oops.

Doesn’t the young boy look just like Adam Green?

OK, maybe not that much. Anyway…


2 Responses to “La Zona – Twitter screening”

  1. Marie F Says:

    Goodness they are very heavy doors aren’t they. Glad to hear that you enjoyed yourselves.

    I think the situation portrayed in the film is an over exaggerated impression of current social tensions in Mexico, but as you say I agree the films concept is very interesting and moving.

    Hopefully we’ll do more twitter screenings in future!

  2. jae peters Says:

    I haven’t seen the movie but it sounds like a truthful depiction of a gated community. Former neighbors of mine moved to Mexico City and now live in a compound. To go to a private international school, their three children are accompanied by a driver and a bodyguard in their SUV with another SUV ahead and another behind, both with additional drivers and guards. Even the children of a middle-manager in a large multi-national company are potential kidnap victims!

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