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Video Games Live Orchestra – I’m jealous October 9, 2008

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The military band play with have just started performing the music from Tetris in concerts. I totally adore playing it, even if the old ladies in the audience have no idea what significance the music has. It sticks in your head for ages too, so I spend all my hours whistling it and sounding like a lost Russian girl looking for someone to folk dance with. We wanted to record the tune at the album recording we did a few weeks ago, but alas ran out of time. Am gutted.

Anyway… i’ve just found this, the Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra doing a whole load of game songs. 8 minutes of pure joy. I’m totally jealous though, I want to be in this orchestra. I wonder whether a UK based orchestra who only play games music would be a good idea. I can’t see it making much money. Oh well.


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