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Britannia High October 3, 2008

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I’m obsessed with ITV’s new show, Britannia High. I have been since I started working on it back at the start of the year. A musical drama with well-dressed hotties singing perfect pop songs? How could I resist?

It’s a proper digital extravaganza; the first episode premieres a week ahead online, we’ve got awesome stuff going on on Bebo, there’ll be dance classes on red button, an online radio station, behind the scenes documentaries… basically everything you could ever want.

I’ve been listening to the soundtrack non-stop and driving the office mad with it. Apparently grumpy tech coders don’t like pop songs at 9am. WTF? Anyway, here’s the first trailer in all its pop wonderfulness…

It hits our screens towards the end of October. Wooh!


2 Responses to “Britannia High”

  1. harmony Says:

    oh wow. this looks amazing!

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