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Spooks Code 9: For Queen, for country, for idiocy. September 9, 2008

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Spoiler alert…

The six part series of Spooks Code 9 finished this weekend and left me screaming at the tv. I’m still angry three days later. No TV show has ever been quite badly written, badly acted and frankly, shit.

The first five episodes each had their own main storyline – man tries to blow up bank, man tries to deal drugs, man tries to kill MI5 member etc. Then on top of this the series had long-running sub plots – the ginger one is dying from radiation poisoning, Rob might have murdered someone and Jez lost his family. These sub plots have been so under-developed that you thought they might be using them for the big finale, making sure you’d paid attention to all the little (dull) details. Oh no, these were merely there to bore us all to pieces and to provide filler when the writers weren’t sure if their gang of teenagers should be clubbing or saving the world, because of course, there is nothing in between. I don’t care enough about Rob’s possible murder to wait for series 2, I can’t even remember who he’s supposed to have killed because we’ve never been shown anything about the event itself or the people involved.

We also had to put up with the story that someone within MI5 was a traitor and I presume we were supposed to be guessing who it was. Fine, if they’d ever shown us more than one MI5 boss that might have been fun.

Just to tip us over the edge into TV throwing territory they ended the bloody thing on a cliffhanger – is the bomb going to go off and will the blonde one die??? That’s not a fucking cliffhanger – a good cliffhanger leaves you theorising, guessing what could happen next and trying to look back on clues from the series. These two events don’t rely on any previous storylines – it’s simply up to the bomb squad and the doctors as to what happens. Mmmm… gripping.

What with this and the news that they’ve cancelled Project Catwalk I’m about ready to give up tv and take up line dancing. Aaarrghhhh.


5 Responses to “Spooks Code 9: For Queen, for country, for idiocy.”

  1. lydslikestea Says:

    poor helen 😦 Did you ever think that bbc3 kiddie spooks would be anything other than a big steaming turd on the floor of light entertainment? I’m waiting for grown-up Spooks. Did Adam kill the blonde one to save her from the torturers? DID HE?! It’s coming soon, along with strictly come dancing, torchwood, house, and all the other goodness that fills these wintry evenings.

  2. Trixie Says:

    I loved it!

    Also did you not have to hold yourself back from fancying the child of Charlie. His voice was identical to Max Beesley so I kept drifting off into fancying Beesley reveries before realising he was actually a child. Rubbish!

  3. helenium Says:

    They’re all horrifyingly young, I do keep having to slap myself for fancying them. I think Vik is my fave though, even though he’s the worst actor amongst them.

    Did you not jump up screaming at the end of the series?

  4. Stuart Bruce Says:

    Yes, but despite all that it is strangely addictive. I finally watched the last episode yesterday morning and was left thinking… And?

  5. Danique Says:

    I don’t know why you hate Spooks code 9 so much. I absolutely loved it! I really hope it gets renewed, because I am a huge fan already! I loved all the episodes. I thought it was amazing!!

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