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Spore September 5, 2008

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Wooh! Today is the first day of the three day Spore Marathon. Wooh! Chris and I both have the day booked off work and plan to not leave the house for 72 hours. We’ve set up an extra computer, complete with Freecycled GIANT CRT monitor, so we can Spore away happily together. There is a big pile of delivery menus on the couch, so don’t have to detatch from a mouse for more than 3 minutes. I’m going to live blog the whole thing, so when the moment occurs that I realise it’s as shit as Sim City Societies then you can all witness my huge emotional breakdown. So here we go…

12:53 The postman has just arrived! Spore is a thing of beauty. I’m very excited.

Spore box

13:10 Installing! I haven’t been this excited in years. We’re listening to All Saints. I’m not sure why.

13:39 Fuck. One of the graphic cards isn’t good enough. The game won’t play. Panic.

14:30 Time for the four mile walk to Forest Hill for Maplin. No bloody direct buses.

16:30 Yes! We have the right graphics card.

17:00 One cab journey later and it’s finally on both computers. Pizza ordered and life is wonderful again.

18:00 Spore fucking rocks. My creature looks like a skinny Dame Edna, Chris’ is more like a moldy Malteaser.

00:30 We’re both addicted and contemplating not sleeping. Is that very wrong? I’m doing much better than him, he’s just got to the city level and I’m already flying around space. Wooh!

We’re definitely going to be playing it non-stop all weekend, though maybe a smidge of sleep might be a good idea. It’s taking a while to get used to the controls, they seem to change dramtically with each level completed – silly things like inconsistency with camera controls and making your creature walk. We also can’t work out what effect your design for the creature has on the game play once you hit civilisation mode and stop foraging for food and getting into fights.

I’m sure it’ll all become clear tomorrow, but one thing is certain – Spore is definitely 800 times better than Sim City Societies. Even the house building tool is better, surely that would have been a priority with SCS? I don’t think I’ll ever stop being angry at SCS really.


4 Responses to “Spore”

  1. peterd102 Says:

    Gulp, my computers way too old and im desperatly hoping it will run when it arrives.

  2. peterd102 Says:

    btw ive heard that a few patches for soceities seems to have made it a but better and ironed out a few issues.

  3. helenium Says:

    Yeah, I’ve heard this too. I might give it a try at some point this month, though there are some major issues to sort out. Societies is just so easy, I never understood why it didn’t matter where you placed buildings and why things like schooling and hospitals weren’t essential or even influential.

    Anyway, Spore is defo worth a few quid buying bits and bobs to upgrade your computer. Four restarts later and the graphics card we bought this afternoon finally did the job!

  4. peterd102 Says:

    Woo Hoo! Its Arrived!, I dont think im going to be sleeping for a while.

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