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McFly – Lies August 26, 2008

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Hurrah! The new McFly single is a zillion times better than One For The Radio. Lies is wonderful, full of the mini-opera drama that we expect from Tom et al. The boys look hot hot hot in the video, I still can’t decide on a favourite. I think it’s Harry, but then Dougie is so cute and shiny, and Danny is just so man nowadays. Hmm… anyway, perv away – here’s the new video:


Psycho Buildings

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Psycho Buildings

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The Girls Aloud calendar accounts for 90% of the art I view each year; I’m not one for exhibitions, art books, picking up crayons etc, but occasionally I venture outside the house for a token bit of tourist-tastic gallery wandering.

This weekend I dragged Chris to the last day of Psycho Buildings at The Hayward Gallery. My god, what a waste of time. Thanks to massive media spend the exhibition has been rather popular, so you have to book (and pay £10!) for an arrival time. We turned up 15 minutes early for ours and the fuckers wouldn’t let us in until some NASA controlled clock read exactly 5pm.

The exhibition has something to do the link between feelings and buildings. Like when you get really sweaty and angry in the 800 degree heat of the Topshop changing rooms I guess.

There isn’t much in the exhibition, don’t go thinking you can wander round it for more than half an hour. There are only about half a dozen or so installations, though it felt like three as most of them had used one of the following themes

1. Miniature houses
2. Crashes, explosions, disaster, mess
3. Ooohh… pretty colours on the walls

For those who walked around and felt that they hadn’t yet reached the ultimate level of boredom you could also queue 45 minutes for a cinema made out of MDF or another 45 minutes for a giant plastic dome that allowed you sit on a squishy sheet covered in the sweat from other people’s feet. Wonderful. Yay for Hayward.

In other news I went home after the exhibition and made a rather wonderful curry.


Beck’s Music Mixer August 20, 2008

Apologies for posting two pieces of Dare work in one week, but this post is one I’ve been looking forward to writing for a few months now.

We’ve been building something called the Beck’s Music Mixer – it’s a brilliant DJ mixer tool that allows you mess about with the bass, vocals, rhythm and whatnot in loads of cool tracks. It’s got tracks from Moby, Does It Offend You Yeah, Midnight Juggernauts, Roisin Murphy and Axwell. Hurrah. I LOVE IT. Go and play with it. You’ll love it too I hope.


Jump jump jump August 19, 2008

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Jump! Spin! Jump! Spin! Here at Dare I’m currently working on the awesome Barclaycard World Freerun Championship, it’s the first time that anyone has held a world championship for the sport so it should be pretty brilliant. I don’t enjoy going down stairs or climbing gates, so I doubt it’ll inspire me to jump off a wall on the Southbank, but I’m looking forward to gasping like an old lady when the freerun athletes do their stuff.

We’ve made a nice little video that features some of the freerunners who will feature at the event, we’re also going to be filming the championship – so keep your eyes peeled for more jumping fun in a few weeks.


Gold! Gold! Always believe in your soul… August 18, 2008

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I’m shallow, I only like the fun bits of the Olympics: the semi-naked men and the moments when people win medals. I’m happy to ignore all the actual sports stuff, it’s ever so dreary.

The NY Times have made a lovely little interactive map, that although doesn’t include pix of lycra clad men, it does have a great way of showing medal tallies for each country. You can also scroll through the years and compare country performances through history. Great fun. If someone can suggest something similar for the lycra men then I’ll be a happy woman indeed.


A licky boom-boom down… August 12, 2008

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I’ve been listening to mid-90s classics all week (Aswad, Ini Kamoze, Shaggy, Haddaway etc) and what better way to celebrate all that than with a 10 yr old German boy singing Snow’s Informer?


Spooks Code 9

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The BBC have followed up on their success with Spooks with a spin off series, Spooks Code 9. I never watched the orignial series, but this one promised hot teenage boys, so of course I had to watch it.

The series is set in 2013 after a bomb blast in London destroyed most the city, killed thousands and forced relocation of MI5 to Manchester. To say that this would cause some disruption to national security would, of course, be an understatement but there were soooo many things that made no sense during the first two episodes:

1. Why have they chosen a bunch of 18 year olds? Did the bomb kill every adult in the country, not just the ones in London?

2. Why are they given such little resource? It’s just the six of them running around, without any police help or forensics. At one point their target is stabbed in the back, they lament the loss of their only lead and don’t stop to consider forensics or witnesses, they just keep chasing people.

3. Why are they all so hot?

4. After a massive terrorist incident, when faced with a series of potential disasters the entire MI5 remains remarkabkly flippant, trusting these 6 kids to pretty much the entire country’s security simply because one of them is good at maths.

5. Even the team themselves remain shockingly calm, choosing to wander off and practise shooting targets or drinking wine of an evening, rather than worrying about national security.

Andrew Billen described it in the Times as “state torture with a boozy, flirty This Life house-share”, which pretty much sums it up. The show makes no sense whatsoever. I’ll keep watching it though because Vik and Charlie are handsome and I don’t care if I’m far, far too old for them.