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Social media statistics July 22, 2008

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Being a social media planner means that you’re asked the latest Facebook usage stats rather a lot. I started keeping a big word doc that kept every social media stat. Not surprisingly it got a bit messy – so it became a series of linked up Google Docs. This didn’t work well either, so I’ve started a nice wiki for them all.

You can find it here –

It’s a bit of a mess at moment, as most of my stats aren’t added in and those that are don’t have citations next to them. It’ll improve. I’m hoping it becomes a resource that we can all use and contribute to, as we all read and need stats every day. So do take a look, and next time you read a stat then do add it in. I’m going to add in a few graphs and tables too.

I think it’ll be interesting to see how some sites with contested stats will be decided upon.

Oh, and I have plans to standardize some stats for each site, such as number of users, so that they’re easier to find.


p.s. no, i don’t know why this is easier than just adding all this info to wikipedia. It’s an experiment.

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One Response to “Social media statistics”

  1. Andrew Says:

    Loving the effort you went too.. also thanks for linking the M/S research paper… very interesting read.

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