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Telescopic Text July 31, 2008

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A chap called Joe Davis has made something called telescopic text. it rocks. I need this inside my brain to stop me rambling on like a halfwit.

You need to click through to the site to make it work, the image below means nothing.


Gotham City West End Final July 23, 2008

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The lovely Karinski is right, this is the best headline ever:


Social media statistics July 22, 2008

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Being a social media planner means that you’re asked the latest Facebook usage stats rather a lot. I started keeping a big word doc that kept every social media stat. Not surprisingly it got a bit messy – so it became a series of linked up Google Docs. This didn’t work well either, so I’ve started a nice wiki for them all.

You can find it here –

It’s a bit of a mess at moment, as most of my stats aren’t added in and those that are don’t have citations next to them. It’ll improve. I’m hoping it becomes a resource that we can all use and contribute to, as we all read and need stats every day. So do take a look, and next time you read a stat then do add it in. I’m going to add in a few graphs and tables too.

I think it’ll be interesting to see how some sites with contested stats will be decided upon.

Oh, and I have plans to standardize some stats for each site, such as number of users, so that they’re easier to find.


p.s. no, i don’t know why this is easier than just adding all this info to wikipedia. It’s an experiment.

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thetrainline are cocks. I’m angry. July 17, 2008

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I hate them. thetrainline people are complete jizz covered idiots with half witted employees who seem oblivious to the concept that their company could ever be in the wrong.


All I want to do is book train tickets from London to Liverpool tomorrow. Should be £80 for two tickets. It’s not fucking difficult.

They site declined my card when Chris used it, so I tried to do it on my computer. That didn’t work either. I phoned up the bank who assured me that there was nothing wrong with my card but that thetrainline cunts had taken the money out my account anyway. For two bloody transactions!

After ten minutes of trawling through thetrainline’s awful help section I finally found a phone number. Got through to an Indian call centre woman who took 15 mins to explain that their system is faultless and then another 15 minutes to book two fucking tickets. Half an hour later and she tells me that my card has been declined again. She’s still saying that I’ve got the problem and that their site takes 2 million bookings a second and therefore it can’t be wrong.

It’s going to take three bloody days to get the money back to my account and I’ve still got to go and get tickets from the actual train station at lunchtime or after work. This is not the best of news a week before pay day.

How can a company take that much money out of your account and still claim that there isn’t a problem with their system? It defies all logic.

Natwest were wonderful – charming and helpful, checking all their systems to make sure my card was ok. Thetrainline halfwit just took one look at her screen, didn’t see smoke coming out the back of her computer and so presumed that everything was ok.


update: they’ve taken seven transactions on Chris’ account. £560! So far they’ve managed to take £720 and not managed to produce a single ticket.

update 2: If every transaction they’ve attempted actually goes through it will total £1162. think we’ve managed to block most of them now. Fingers crossed.


My art offends you, yeah? July 15, 2008

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We’re doing a rather lovely project with Becks at the moment – asking people to create a piece on art inspired by, and in time to a Does It Offend You, Yeah? track. All you have to do is turn up the track up to 11, press record on your camera and start recording yourself drawing, sculpting, carving etc…

The entries all get judged by a snazzy panel of artists, and the best artists come along to an art studio and create art live for our webcams. Awesome.

I had one attempt a few weeks back, it involved a lot of glitter and was wonderful fun though the finished art wasn’t that brilliant. I never was any good at all this arty stuff. Most people who were in ever in a maths club usually aren’t.

Go and check out some of the entries and see if you can do any better.



More new shouty epics from McFly July 10, 2008

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20th July. Can’t wait. Even if I do have to buy the effing Mail On Sunday in order to get my greasy paws on the album. The lovely McFly boys have put a little camera in their studio and played us a song. How sweet. It’s called Everybody Knows and if this and One For The Radio are anything to go by, the album should be an anthem fest, I’ll start practicing my air punches now. Grrrr…

They all look scrumptious in the video, I’m liking this year’s trend of boy bands grown up – Take That all look wonderful, McFly have finally got manly and even Ronan Keating looked hot on the latest Boyzone tour (not that I sat and watched it at the weekend… course not).

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David Tennant porn July 8, 2008

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It makes me happy.