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A world of endless, tinny Akon songs June 10, 2008

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I spend a lot of my time thinking about mobile applications that people would enjoy. We have a very clever tech team here, they can build almost anything. Though they claim they can’t invent the only application that I think most people want: something that blocks nearby mobiles which have music playing out loud. I’d pay so much money for an app that does this.

I’m still convinced that people only listen to music out loud when they’re on the bus. Surely at home these people have a stereo they can use? With this in mind, is it unreasonable for the government to stop mobile manufacturers from offering this feature?

I also think that the new politeness cartoons on the bus are far too soft. I haven’t noticed a drop in Akon songs since they’ve been launched. The ads I’d produce would be simple:

Buy some headphones, you cheap fuck.

Nothing more. Maybe some directions to the nearest Woolies so they know where to spend their £2 on a pair of in-ear phones. We need to shame people into silence. Maybe instead of the endless mobile product placements in music videos we need to switch it to headphone placements. Ones with diamonds.


One Response to “A world of endless, tinny Akon songs”

  1. simon Says:

    Yeah I agree. I think it is known as ‘sodcasting’.

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