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Interesting 2008 June 23, 2008

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Giving up an entire Saturday for a conference might seem like the actions of a crazy woman, but when the conference in question promises not to talk about blogging, advertising or brands it begins to make sense. especially in a twitter filled world where we’re bombarded with tech and advertising news every 30 seconds, it all gets a bit tiresome after a while.

The conference was of course Interesting 2008. The lovely Russell Davies organises a huge list of speakers to talk about anything they find interesting. A simple and brilliant premise. Nobody spoke for more than 20 minutes, and in some cases they kept it as short as 5 minutes. We had everything from Roo Reynolds enthusing about Lego through to Matt Dent talking about the coins he’s designed. The pace of the day was really bouncy, so it was difficult to get bored. So often when you go to a themed conference you just hear the same points being made over and over again; there was no danger of that at Interesting 08.

I do feel rather inspired by it; firstly to indulge more in the hobbies I love and secondly to rethink how I approach presentations. I’m often a bit lame and stick rigidly to the company template and just pop in a few Flickr photos of dogs. It’s not really enough. I’m presenting at the D&AD New Blood event tomorrow, so I bought a big block of blank paper yesterday and have put together a deck on the future of mobile advertising as told through badly drawn stick men. I might pop it up here when it’s finished.


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Awww June 19, 2008

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Cute email of the day from Dare Towers…

Subject: does anyone know

If Oxford st tube station has a lift?

My dog is scared of escalators…

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Heathrow Express here I come June 18, 2008

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With all the hay fever sniffing that’s been going on today I’m tempted to empty my bank account and work from this cafe in Mexico next week. Bliss.

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A world of endless, tinny Akon songs June 10, 2008

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I spend a lot of my time thinking about mobile applications that people would enjoy. We have a very clever tech team here, they can build almost anything. Though they claim they can’t invent the only application that I think most people want: something that blocks nearby mobiles which have music playing out loud. I’d pay so much money for an app that does this.

I’m still convinced that people only listen to music out loud when they’re on the bus. Surely at home these people have a stereo they can use? With this in mind, is it unreasonable for the government to stop mobile manufacturers from offering this feature?

I also think that the new politeness cartoons on the bus are far too soft. I haven’t noticed a drop in Akon songs since they’ve been launched. The ads I’d produce would be simple:

Buy some headphones, you cheap fuck.

Nothing more. Maybe some directions to the nearest Woolies so they know where to spend their £2 on a pair of in-ear phones. We need to shame people into silence. Maybe instead of the endless mobile product placements in music videos we need to switch it to headphone placements. Ones with diamonds.


McFly – One For The Radio June 3, 2008

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Oh no! What a terrible week it is if even McFly can be doubted! The usually faultless McFly premiered their new single on Radio 1 this weekend just gone. ‘One For The Radio’ is the first single since the pretty chaps left Island records to start their own label, and boy you can tell.

Radio rips aside, it sounds like they’ve got some production money, but oh how bitter they sound. The whole track is about how the nation take the piss out of them and how they’re only seen as a pop band. I’m upset. The song itself is essentially brilliant, wonderful tune, great big opportunities for punch the sky moments but it just needs a different bloody subject. McFly never took themselves this seriously.

At least it isn’t as bad as Ballad of Paul K. And at least they’re still hot.

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