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Awww… lovely, lovely Fire Eagle people May 23, 2008

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I have a huge smile on my face, I just went down to reception to pick up two parcels. One being a huge bunch of flowers from the lovely boyfriend. The other parcel was a little more mysterious, a FedEx package from America. Aside from my landlord I don’t think I know anyone in the States.

I opened it to find another anniversary message, this one from the folks at Fire Eagle! They’ve sent a handmade card, two shirts, stickers and some more invites! I’m so thrilled, it’s rather wonderful of them. The card is beautiful, they’ve even got everybody to sign it! I’m going to wear the t-shirt next week to work, then walk around our tech dept and watch them all turn green with envy.

Big thanks to the Fire Eagle folks, they’re wonderful people.


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