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Fire Eagle invite update May 22, 2008

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How wonderful. I sent an email to Yahoo, detailing my desperate need for a Fire Eagle invite. I explained how the future of my relationship depended on my getting hold of the Yahoo equivalent of a Willy Wonka Golden Ticket. I get to my desk this morning, wait 10 minutes for Outlook to fire up and lo and behold there sits the reply from Fire Eagle HQ, complete with two lovely invites. I’m so pleased. I am now the best girlfriend in the entire world. I’m so thrilled that they were kind enough to send out two invites, I will be naming our future children Fire and Eagle as a token of my love for those chaps.


2 Responses to “Fire Eagle invite update”

  1. Hi Helen,

    I was hoping you have an invite left for an eager developer.

    Kind regards,

    Sidney de Koning

  2. Balaji Dutt Says:

    Hi there,

    Came across your post via a Google search for Fire Eagle (can you tell I’m desperate? :P)

    I was wondering if you might have a fire eagle invite to spare? If you do, my email ID is balaji dot dutt @ gmail


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